At Melbourne Orthopaedics, we strive to provide all our clients with a complete service. Mr Sam Patten and his team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice.

Sam’s team incorporates a Senior Orthopaedic Practice Nurse and a Medico-Legal Secretary, as well as an experienced administrative team.

From your first phone call, our staff will ensure that you are suitably prepared for your first appointment with the appropriate referral and imaging to allow for a comprehensive assessment.

Your initial consultation with Sam will determine your need for orthopaedic surgery or further investigation. You will have the opportunity to discuss with him the full extent of your injury, pain or dysfunction. He will also assess your history, current physical function and any prior investigations to determine appropriate options for the next step in your treatment plan. He will discuss with you your desired outcome after treatment and give you a clear understanding of realistic expectations from your chosen management plan.

You are not just another patient at Melbourne Orthopaedics. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and as such we aim to provide tailored solutions for all our clients, within a warm and welcoming environment.

We accept all GP referrals for Privately Insured, Workcover/TAC and Defence patients. Please feel free to contact the rooms anytime and our specialist staff will be more than happy to assist you.