Contacting Mr Patten Directly

Mr Patten is available to be contacted at any time by medical practitioners wishing to urgently discuss or refer a patient, or who would like orthopaedic advice.

Between 9am and 5pm please contact our rooms on (03) 9516 2390.

After hours, Mr Patten may be contacted directly via his call service on (03) 9387 1000.

Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact us at the rooms during our regular office hours and we would be happy to provide you with Mr Patten’s mobile number.

Referring Patients

Referrals may be faxed to (03) 9516 2394 or emailed to If your referral is urgent, please outline this in your referral letter or call us on (03) 9516 2390, as we are always happy to accommodate patients. In your referral, we ask that you kindly outline the patient’s history, injury, symptoms and any other relevant information for Mr Patten’s review.

When referring a new patient, it is ideal for the patient to have had recent imaging performed (generally within three months). For assessment of arthritic or bony injuries, a plain x-ray is suitable and may also be an appropriate baseline assessment in other cases. Other imaging modalities such as MRI or CT scan can be indicated in some situations, particularly MRI as this is useful in evaluating soft tissues. Ultrasounds are rarely useful in assessing orthopaedic injuries.

If you are unsure of what investigations to order for a patient, please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 9516 2390 or speak with Mr Patten directly. Alternatively, upon receipt of your referral we are happy to refer patients for imaging in preparation for their appointment.

Mr Patten sees patients covered by private health insurance, WorkCover, and TAC. We also welcome patients without private health insurance, either simply for an opinion or with a view to undertaking surgery if they can self-fund this in a private hospital.